Join the leading Delegation Market today.

For Delegators (Owner)

  • Choose any available lease request
  • Delegate your STEEM / EOS
  • Receive automated daily payouts

For Delegatees (Rentor)

  • Create a new STEEM / EOS lease request
  • Complete Payment of your lease request
  • Start using leased STEEM / EOS

Zero Risk Returns

Powered by the DPoS algorithms, the blockchain in itself eliminates all the risks since the ownership of the coins remains with the delegator at all times regardless of any delegation.

Consistent Timely Payouts

Your payouts are credited automatically to your account on a daily basis.

Fixed Returns Guaranteed

You receive the exact Net APR% of your filled order. Your returns are fixed and guaranteed.

We Make Your Crypto Work 24x7

We believe that your crypto investments should give you risk free returns way higher than fiat currency debt markets.