The Delegation Hub is the leading market place for selected Delegated Proof of Stake (DPOS) utility tokens such as STEEM, EOS.

In DPOS blockchains, you can delegate (lease) the using rights of your tokens without losing ownership. After the delegation contract expires, the using rights of your tokens return to you after a certain cool-down period (STEEEM  7 days, EOS 3 days).

The Delegation Hub aims to connect the different stakeholders of the STEEM and EOS ecosystems and thereby foster the growth and strength of the communities and help them succeed.

Delegator (Owner)

Because only the using rights of the tokens are delegated, there is no risk in losing any funds and no 3rd party is needed to overview the contract.

As this is an open market, the APR varies. The APR includes the net payout including the cool-down (return) period (STEEM 7 days, EOS 3 days) and the transaction fee. Historical data for STEEM show 15 – 40 % APR. As EOS is a new market place, it is impossible to predict the market APR.

The interest is payed out on a daily basis according to the rate (APR) fixed in the contract.

Yes. However, early cancellation will impact your reputation in the delegation market so you don’t want to do that.

If the Delegatee renews the delegation, it will continue until cancellation by either party. If the Delegatee does not renew the delegation, you can redelegate your tokens after the cool down / unstaking period (7 days STEEM, 3 days EOS).

Delegationhub.com is a fully self-funded community initiative so we are relying on a marginal fee to cover our operational cost and support further platform development. Currently our market fees for Steem Power Delegators is 5%. Fees may be adjusted depending on market circumstances in order to provide maximum benefit to the community. 

Delegatee (Rentor)

There is no risk in losing any funds. As the interest is payed out to the Delegatee on a daily basis, all remaining funds that you payed at the start of the contract will be returned to you in case of contract cancellation by the delegator.

Yes. As this is an open market place, you are free to choose any delegation period.

Yes. You can renew the contract at any time. The Delegator gets informed about the renewal. And as long the Delegator does not take any action to cancel the renewed contract, the delegation will continue with initially fixed terms (APR%, duration).

0% fees.


Market delegation: Limited contract duration, so you have to get active in case you want to delegate to a new market request. If the delegation contract is not renewed, a 5 day cool down (return) period will set-in until you can redelegate your STEEM POWER. Historically, daily payouts (APR) are higher in comparison with “bot delegation”.
Bot delegation: Delegation until cancellation by you.

Pre-set period of 5 days until the STEEM POWER is returned to you in case of un-delegation.

We offer the lowest market fees in the entire delegation market in comparison to existing platforms like Minnowbooster: 0% fees until September 30th, 2018, for a  Delegation Hub introduction period; thereafter only 5% payed by Delegator. The fees are used to cover operational costs and facilitate platform development like EOS delegation market. Fees may be adjusted depending on market circumstances.


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