Monthly Delegator & Delegatee Bonus System!

Thanks to all community members that have already taken the opportunity in the beginning of this year to test the waters in our Steem Power Delegation market. And special thanks to all our loyal members who are with us since the beginning.

Steem on!

Delegator Bonus

Delegator Leaderboard April

Bonus scheme details

  • STEEM count: Total Steem to be received from filled lease requests AND renewals
  • The higher your payout, the higher your additional bonus payout!
  • Qualification Period: Each month (UTC)
  • Bonus payment: 1 day after the end of the qualification period
  • Bonus payment scheme:
  1.    25 STEEM
  2.    10 STEEM
  3.    7.5 STEEM
  4.    5 STEEM
  5.    2.5 STEEM
Delegatee Bonus

Delegatee Leaderboard April

Bonus scheme details

  • For every 1 Steem paid by you for SP delegations in the current month (new requests filled AND renewals), we will delegate additional 2 SP to you during the upcoming month
  • All your payed Steem from filled lease requests are summed up at the end of the promotion period
  • Minimum 50 STEEM investment required to qualify for the promotion
  • Qualification period: Each month (UTC)
  • Delegation period of extra SP to you by @delegationhub: 05. of subsequent month until end of subsequent month (e.g. 05.03. - 31.03. for February qualifiers.

Example: Delegatee A has 7 lease requests filled in February that cost him 178 Steem. Delegationhub will delegate 2 x 178 = 356 Steem Power to A during the month of March.