Delegatee promotion: Get 2 SP for every 1 Steem invested!

We want to wish you all a successful start into this new year! This January, we have a special promotion for all our Delegatees. 

Promotion details

  • For every 1 Steem paid by you for SP delegations, we will delegate 2 SP to you during the entire month of February.
  • All your Steem from filled lease requests are summed up at the end of the promotion period.
  • Minimum 50 STEEM investment required (total of January) to qualify for the promotion. 
  • Promotion period: 01.01.2019 - 31.01.2019 UTC.

Example: Delegatee A has 7 lease requests filled in January that cost him 178 Steem. Delegationhub will delegate 2 x 178 = 356 Steem Power to A during the month of February.

Happ Steeming!

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