X-Mas Competition: Win additional delegated SP and STEEM!

Following-up on the success of our October competition, we are announcing the Delegationhub.com X-mas competition. Furthermore, the prices for Delegatees have been increased. Competition period: 15.11.2018 – 31.12.2018.

Delegatee ranking

Who wins: The top 3 STEEM Delegatees measured by amount of STEEM spent for filled or renewed lease requests receive additional delegated SP for 2 months (January and February 2019).

Prices: 1. Place: 1000 SP delegated; 2. Place: 500 SP delegated; 3. Place: 250 SP delegated

Delegator ranking

Who wins: The top 3 STEEM Delegators in October measured by amount of STEEM to be received for filled and renewed lease requests will be rewarded for their loyalty.*

Prices: 1. Place: 50 STEEM; 2. Place: 25 STEEM; 3. Place: 10 STEEM


*Filled lease requests must be 100% fulfilled independent of the lease contract duration. Payout is done in two steps: 1. 50% at the end of competition and 2. 50% at the end of February 2019 or after fulfillment of the longest lease period personally filled within the competition period.